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• Sky Infotech offers whole gamut of cyber security training and certification courses that makes trainees aware about processes and practices required to protect networks and data from cyber attacks. Trainees learn how to fend off cyber attacks by detecting vulnerabilities of a system in advance and also how to react quickly to emergency situations and manage them promptly. Cyber attacks like phishing, hacking, identity theft, hijacking files, malware, unpatched software etc. have become quite common and naturally demand for cyber experts has grown exponentially. So, Cyber security training is not at all a bad idea. Sky Infotech is one institute that offers quality Cyber Security training in Noida. This institute leads the pack of institutes vying for best Cyber Security training institute in Noida tag. It attracts trainees from all parts of Delhi/NCR as it is well connected to almost every part of Delhi/NCR through metro. It is at walking distance from Noida sector-59 and Noida sector-62 metro stations.